The floor of the Upside-Down Room received a fresh coat of paint for the first time in 15 years. Also, several of the original oil paintings that adorned that walls will be repainted for the new season.
The lobby floor got its annual paint job to brighten it up.
The ticket booth in the lobby received a brand new door, and the interior of the ticket booth has been repainted.
The Mummy has been moved to a new location, immediately following the Upside-Down Room on the right. This stunt previously resided in BOLT's current location on the second floor.
The Vampire got moved to a new corner across from the Attic Rat at the downhill. A red light was installed to help bring him to life.
Wolfman, which has been a resident of the ride since the 1960s, was relocated to the Falling Barrel room to add a little personality. Although it has not been functional for over a decade, it is still a classic piece of dark ride history.
The AC unit above the Torture Chamber and the duct work above the downhill have been painted black, as well as many other pipes and parts of the ride that were not yet painted.
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