The Skull Banister and Attic Rat in the first room have been touched up with some fresh fluorescent paint this year. The webbing above the stairs, which has remained unpainted for nearly 50 years, has been graced with some yellow paint to help it stand out, and a new buzzer was installed on the Rat effect to add some frightening sound.

It’s important to note that the floor in the first room was also repainted this year for the first time since 1988 when the ride was expanded to two stories. The new paint helps to darken the room and make Tracy’s original effects stand out.

As if the “basement” of Trimper’s Haunted House wasn’t already frightening enough with a Cuckoo Clock and Tracy’s Giant Skull, this year, a Jail was created near the ride’s ending in the diorama of Tracy’s previous Wine Cellar stunt, removed in the late 1990s. To go along with the Head Banger stunt, a Scarefactory item installed last year, crews added a few skeletons and an animated zombie pirate to resemble a seaside prison. Nautical posts were used from Phantasmagoria to outfit the new theme. Not only does it spruce up this otherwise dull area, but it pays homage to Tracy and his love for nautical-themed stunts. The bars for the jail were designed to be removed in case the stunt requires maintenance. Riders should beware; if you make a wrong move as your car passes by, you too may be thrown into the Jail in the basement of Trimper’s Haunted House!

Gargoyle props have been added to the end wall of the downhill, and the Waterfall at the ride'’s ending has been enhanced with fresh paint. Giant skulls have been added near the top to look down upon riders as they pass.
After years of flying solo, the Vampiress in the exiting room to the balcony finally has a head to talk to. A latex, foam-filled prop has been suspended in the air with fishing line to make it appear as though the Vampiress is holding a severed head. I suppose two heads are better than one.
The lighting of the Gallows Kicking Body stunt has been slightly altered. The black lights have been removed and a red light now casts a faint glow on the body only when it is moving. After the 10 second cycle of movement, the red light turns off and the body remains still waiting for the next unsuspecting rider.
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