The “Leaper Room” has been completely transformed for the 2012 season. A new Devil now appears to be flying over your head as you break through the bang doors, a reaper and gravestones have been added near the back wall to fill in the dead space, and the original section of the roof from the old pre-1988 façade has been graced with some paint to help it glow. Bill Tracy's flying bats from Ghost Ship, which once graced the section of roof, have been put in to storage.

A new wall greets riders as they reenter the ride from the balcony. The left-side wall has been dressed with some old clap boards and paint that reads “Turn Back” and "Beware". This simple “Danger Wall” addition replicates Tracy’s original styling and looks authentic to the ride. Also, much of the scenery from Ghost Ship has been repainted and additional black lights have been installed to enhance the second story.
BOLT has been outfitted with a new red light to enhance the effect, as well as a latex head prop poking through the window. The latex, foam filled body for BOLT has also been replaced this year as the previous one was torn in several locations.
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