This year, the Mine Shaft hill has been repurposed as a dark corridor. The plywood beams and columns have been painted black and spooky paintings have been installed on both sides of the corridor to give riders the feeling that they are in an old hallway of a house rather than a mine shaft. Eventually, doors and automatic “knockers” will be installed in this hallway as well, similar to the effects of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. The ending doors and original Falling Beam effect have been repainted and will remain unchanged during this transition, although the doors have received a fresh coat this year.
For the first time in nearly 50 years, the Wave Room, a concept that is original to the 1964 installation, has been modified. The painted wave murals on the walls now extend to the doors as well. The black light fixture has been moved from the far back wall to the side wall to help light up the room more evenly. Hopefully, guests will be able to keep their seasickness to a minimum!
The original Funni Frite mechanism from the Witch has been repurposed to be used with a latex skeleton prop in the corner of the Dancing Coffin Rig. It is triggered at the same time as the coffin and pops out right as the car passes.

For years, fans have been pondering how the management could possibly split up the second story after reentry from the balcony to separate the spaces and themes. Well, this year, the wish has become a reality. A wall and set of bang doors have been constructed immediately following the Torture Chamber. The doors make for a spectacular entrance into the “Leaper Room” and prevent light from shining in to the rear of the ride, possibly ruining other rider’s experiences.
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