Bill Tracy's original Old Mill stunt, a.k.a. "The Lady in the Saw," was completely overhauled in 2016 to restore her original appearance and eliminate years of dirt and grime. In this display, the saw revolves electronically and upon triggering, the air operated table tilts to feed the maiden through the saw.

New hands and fingers were carefully crafted with plaster and fiberglass and parts of her hair and garment were reconstructed to match Tracy's original style. The physical size of the stunt measures rather large at 12' long, 3' deep, and 6' high. Twenty linear feet of background panels were supplied with the original effect, which Tracy's catalog shows as being $1,885.00 in 1964.

New scenery was added including a barrel of body parts and shackles hanging from the wooden barn planks. In 2012, several props were added to liken the display to the 'SAW' horror movie series.

All parts of the damsel in distress were painted and clear coated for ensure many more years of screams, including the famous spinning blade. Watch her in action!

Check out Bill Tracy's "Old Mill" stunt as it looked in 2009 before it was restored. Listen to her scream!

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