With the 50-year anniversary of Trimper's Haunted House rapidly approaching in 2014, the management decided to spring for fresh concepts and new effects this year. Several brand new effects were purchased at the annual IAAPA Convention in Orlando, Florida to add additional modern-day thrills and chills to Trimper’s Haunted House for the upcoming season. Scarefactory, as well as several other industry leaders, were able to offer many truly frightening stunts which were purchased and installed in the ride for the 2012 season. In addition, the family freshened up the ride by repainting a lot of the original effects, and touching up the new effects added from Phantasmagoria.

Scarefactory’s Angel of Death Zombiette replaced the Borecon Trolls, which were deteriorated beyond repair. This menacing effect includes head movements, breathing, raising and lowering of the arms, and LED eyes. This corner was not only large enough for the new stunt, measuring nearly 11’ high and 10’ wide, but the moon and branches, remnants of the Wolfman effect, look great as a backdrop for the new animatronic.

A little fluorescent paint was added to make it glow under the ride’s blacklights and the moon was repainted for the first time in nearly 50 years. It is currently one of the most powerful and visually stimulating effects in the ride.
Another new effect from Scarefactory, the Grave Crawler Zombie, was added to the Graveyard where the former RIP grave was located. Last year, the grave had suffered vandalism, so it was moved to a different location and replaced with this cool creeper. This ragged zombie appears to be crawling out of the grave holding an old lantern. The head, chest, and arm move and the torso pivots from left to right.

The latex skull and hands that previously hung on the wall across from the Torture Chamber have been remounted on the door of the compression room, behind the new Grave Crawler Zombie.
For the 2012 season, an effort was made to fill in some of the "dead" space in the ride and provide more for riders to look at. In addition, for the first time in the ride's history, workers in the ride will now be scaring riders by "booing" them when they least expect it.

This year, a new display was created immediately following the Upside-Down Room to include a few tombstones, a freshly painted “Mr. Hippo,” and a zombie skeleton. The tombstones were donated to Trimper’s Haunted House by Worcester Preparatory School after their production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. The unique props were placed throughout the ride and look great under the ride’s blacklights.
"Want to play a game?" For those horror movie fans that enjoy watching the ‘SAW’ series, Tracy’s Old Mill stunt now pays homage to Jigsaw. An old TV and a Jigsaw mask have been added to the corner of the stunt. The damsel in distress now appears to be at his mercy! You should watch out or you might be next!

Several Haunted Portraits, originally added to the ride in 2004, were moved around to different locations, some of which ended up near the Knit Wit. They were graced with some new paint to add a little excitment to the ancestral décor on the wall.
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