Next up is the new location for Tracy’s Pop-up Coffin from Phantasmagoria which is across from the Knit Wit, right before heading in to the Graveyard on the left. The skeleton in this stunt sits up upon activation and is very creepy. This location allowed us to tap in to the air line for the Old Mill stunt which is on the other side of the wall. It will be activated at the same time as the Reacher so it is certain to scare you regardless of where you are looking. A double black light fixture was mounted on the wall behind this stunt to bring it to life, and a little fresh paint was added to make it pop.
One of Tracy’s iconic stunts is the giant skull from his Skull Waterfall, and Trimper’s Haunted House now has one! The Skull mold was part of the Phantasmagoria package, and at a striking eight feet high, four feet wide and nearly three feet deep, it was another brain twister trying to figure out where to locate it. After some searching, we found the perfect corner; at the downhill area behind the railing. Previously, this wide corner was occupied by a Vampire stunt, but with a little reworking, we were able to move the Vampire to the left across from the Attic Rat and put the Skull in its place behind the banister.

The stunt was overhauled with some fluorescent paint and mini flame effects were added to the eyes for a demonizing appearance. A new blacklight installed behind the banister casts light onto the awesome new addition.
Tracy’s two women from Phantasmagoria can be found in two very inconspicuous locations in the ride. The "Bait and Switch" lady is situated near the Electric Chair on the second story in a dark corner awaiting to scare riders. A little paint was added to help her “insides” truly stand out. The “Green Lady” is situated in the exiting room to the balcony to the right of the Vampiress cabinet. New black lights installed in the room allow this beach beauty to glow, and she certainly fits right in with the arbitrary madness of this particular room.

Both stunts remain static in their new locations, but may be animated at a later time to replicate their original motion. Nothing like a little extra estrogen in Trimper’s Haunted House to get the party started!
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