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August 10, 2016
BACK ON TRACK: The last four years have proven to be very transformational for Trimper's Haunted House. Enjoy sifting through a number of substantial updates and overhauls the ride has seen over the past few years in this new feature! New SCREAMS for 2016.

July 20, 2016
Let's go back 20 years to 1996 and check out a vintage behind-the-scenes photo taken in the first room of Trimper's Haunted House. This photo features the underbody of a coffin carriage as it's being worked on.

April 6, 2016
I'm excited to share that Bill Tracy's Old Mill stunt, a.k.a. The Lady in the Saw, has been overhauled this winter and now looks better than ever. The damsel in distress was completely repainted, and additional body parts were placed around the scene for a truly gruesome experience. This particular stunt is original to the 1964 installation. The Knit Wit is also currently being reconditioned, and I will post photos when she returns to her corner in the ride. View photo gallery >

February 15, 2016
IN MEMORIAM: Jim Hudson, longtime member of the Trimper Family, security officer, ride operator, and team member of the park's maintenance department, passed away suddenly last week. Jim was the brother of prior Haunted House manager, Clifford Hudson, and uncle of current Haunted House manager, Scotty Hudson. Many fans may remember Jim working the ticket booth or working in the lobby of Trimper's Haunted House during their visit. He'll be greatly missed. *In photo, Scott Hudson left, Jim Hudson right.

January 29, 2016
Happy New Year, folks! Notice anything missing from the faƧade? If you're a true fan, I'm sure it's blatantly obvious! For the first time in the ride's history, Bill Tracy's chimney and other key features are being refurbished. Check out a Flickr Gallery to see some recent photos of the restoration in progress!

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