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Hover your mouse over the numbers on the maps below to reveal the corresponding stunt. Some details of the ride may not be featured in this view due to space constraints, but all major effects are represented.

Attic Rat - The Attic Rat in the first room has been in the same location for nearly 50 years. It has changed very little during its tenure in the ride, and is considered an icon as it's the first effect to be seen upon entry into the attraction.

Skull Staircase- Next up on the left are three creepy skull spiders rotating on a decrepit staircase. Make sure you don't get tangled in their web!

Tilted Corridor- The Tilted Corridor adds a unique optical illusion to the ride. The artwork on these timbers is original to 1964, and the car tilts as it climbs this hill thanks an elevated platform on the left side of the track.

Revolving Barrel- The dizzying Revolving Barrel effect turns slowly to make you feel like you are falling into space. The dummy car on the revolving disc at the end of this tunnel makes you feel like you are not alone in the mayhem!

Swing Girl - Don't look into the eyes of this creepy girl, a new stunt from the ScareFactory! She swings back and forth every few minutes as she guards the entrance to the Upside-Down Room.

Upside-Down Room - Next you will turn right into the Upside-Down Room, original to 1964. This helter-skelter situation reveals a damsel in distress lying in a crooked bed above you surrounded by old bedroom furniture. Hopefully you'll be able to stay right-side up!

Display - A brand new display comprised of some tombstones and a zombie skeleton awaits you on the left as you exit the Upside-Down Room.

Shivering Mummy - A Shivering Mummy can be seen on the right.

Birthday Party - Straight ahead is one of the ride's most obscure stunts. The Birthday Party includes two clowns congregating over a cake with a severed head adorning the top. Try to blow out the candles as your coffin car flies by!

Angel of Death - An 11' tall Angel of Death reaches for you as your car quickly passes.

Old Mill - One of Bill Tracy's most famous stunts, the Old Mill is original to 1964. A large saw blade cuts a damsel right up the middle before your very eyes. Better escape quickly before you too become a victim of the Old Mill!

Knit Wit - A gentle, harmless old lady turns 180 degrees in her chair to expose a skeleton knitting a spider web!

Grillin Gabby - A few creepy heads adorn the wall nearby. Don't make eye contact!

Reacher - The Reacher springs out of the darkness and tries to grab you as your car proceeds down the hill into the Graveyard.

Pop-Up Coffin - An old skeleton pops up to say hello before entering into the Graveyard. This stunt came from Phantasmagoria.

Grave Knockers - The front end of your coffin car will bang into the grave bang doors as you proceed into the Graveyard. Hopefully you too won't end up in the ground with the other poor victims.

Swamp Ghost - Watch out! A ghoulish Swamp Ghost hovers above your car!

Gravestone - Accursed and staked, this pop-up zombie appears from behind the gravestone as you pass by.

Grave Crawler/Giant Skull w/ Hands - This creepy addition shakes and reaches for anyone brave enough to disturb his grave! The Giant Skull is mounted on the wall behind it.

RIP Gravestone - No one knows when this mortal perished, but be careful or you may be next!

Lunging Bat/Plank Corridor - Don't let your eyes fool you in the Plank Corridor that appears to be shrinking! Watch out overhead for the flying bat that will dive toward you!

Corpse In A Coffin - Perhaps the most realistic stunt in the house, this Corpse in a Coffin gag will surely make you look twice. Is it real? Maybe!

Dark Corridor/Falling Beam - Be careful as you trek up the endless dark corridor with scary paintings on the walls toward the Falling Beam. Don't let it fall on you!

Falling Barrels - Just as the lights turn on in this room, a stack of barrels falls toward you!

Wolfman - Wolfman stands quietly in the corner waiting for you to pass.

Wavey Room - The Undulating Corridor, otherwise known as the "Wavey Room" has been a feature of the ride since 1964. Thanks to a unique track setup, your car will tilt from left to right as you try to keep your vertigo in check.

Vampiress - The Vampiress and her severed head will stare you down as you pass by and a loud buzzer sounds!

Organ Meister Zombiette - This effect, direct from the Scarefactory, moves his head from side-to-side as he plays visitors a creepy tune.

BOLT - After reentering from the balcony, you are face-to-face with one of the attraction's newest stunts, "BOLT!" This monster is positioned upright and gets violently electrocuted right before your eyes. Watch out for his thrashing movements and loud screams!

Danger Wall - Beware! Turn Back! A "Danger Wall" tries to warn you of what's to come!

Mini Leaper/Dancing Coffin Rig - On the left, a Coffin quickly and surprisingly moves from one side to the other while making a loud bang! The old mechanism from the previous Witch stunt by Funni-Frite is used to animate a zombie skeleton, known as the "Mini Leaper."

Torture Chamber - Next up is one of the ride's most popular scenes, the Torture Chamber. Three characters are being tortured in this gruesome display, one of which is a damsel chained to the wall! Several severed heads are hung on the ceiling, and a zombie torso can be seen on the back wall. Get out quick before you too are forced onto the stretcher!

Hanging Skeleton - Another stunt from Phantasmagoria hangs on the left.

Leaper - If you haven't jumped in fright by this point of the ride, hold tight! The Leaper will jump toward you unexpectedly and scream!

Demon Display - A flying demon and a scary display greet you.

Buzzard - This vintage Buzzard effect from Phantasmagoria moves his head up and down as he greets you before exiting on to the balcony.

Electric Chair - As one of the first modern-day effects in the ride, the Electric Chair was installed in 1995 and makes even the most seasoned dark ride lover jump in their seat!

Train Tunnel - Chew chew! Hopefully you'll make it across the tracks before you get run over by an oncoming locomotive!

Last Drop - Gotta go? Sorry, you'll have to wait. This bathroom stall is already occupied by this poor victim who has been flushed down the toilet! "Halp!"

Gallows Kicking Body - Phew! It's a good thing you're not in his shoes! This poor victim is being hung!

Attic Rat - Another Attic Rat jumps at you and screeches as you go down the final descent.

Vampire - A lonely vampire stands in the corner and watches you as you fly down the stairs.

Skull - Another prop from Phantasmagoria, the Giant Skull from Tracy's Skull Waterfall, stands tall with fire in its eyes.

Cuckoo Clock - It's 13 o'clock! Watch out as a large bat flies out of this Cuckoo Clock.

Alien Bust - Are you being abducted, or is that really an Alien in the corner?

Jail - Animated pirates taunt you as you pass. Watch out or you too will be thrown into the basement jail!

Headbanger - As part of the Jail scene, this is another one of the ride's newest additions. A character bashes his head up against a cage and screams profusely.

Water Curtain - Original to 1964, the Water Curtain dumps water onto the track as you pass by. Does it turn off in time? Guess you'll have to ride to find out!
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