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The crooked ticket booth is one stand-out feature of the Haunted House lobby. Every visitor is sure to be spooked by the dilapidated structure, especially the slanted clap boards and hazy window panes.

The ticket booth representative’s voice is amplified by a small microphone. The microphone is important because the rep usually sits quietly, and doesn’t interact with riders, so the few words he says need to be clear. The dim lighting inside the booth makes it difficult to make out an expression on the rep’s face, which of course adds to the frightening experience. To think, all of this for only $3, or 8 tickets! (Although the ride used to be $2, the Trimpers raised the prices in 2002, coinciding with the overall trend of business in Ocean City.) Finally, to protect the youngest (and shortest) Haunted House enthusiasts, a sign by the ticket booth tells riders that they must be 42” tall or accompanied by an adult to ride. This is to make sure that riders don’t fall out of the coffin cars, which were designed for average-sized riders.

For most riders, their experience with the ticket booth ends when they pay for the ride and slide into their car. However, the interior components of the ticket booth are also integral to the ride. First, consider the effect of the slanted clap boards on the ticket rep. On a bright day, the sunlight penetrates the slats, practically blinding whoever is inside the booth. Not only does this person have the responsibility of making sure each rider pays the appropriate fee, but they also work with the ride operator to ensure that the cars operate as seamlessly as possible. In the case of an emergency, the ride operator can address the entire interior of the ride through a microphone, located inside the ticket booth. The amplifier for this mic is in the first-room shop. Additionally, on the inside wall of the ticket booth, there’s a script that the ride operator can use if there’s an emergency on the track.

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