Waldameer’s Whacky Shack is one of only nine remaining Bill Tracy attractions left in existence and of the nine remaining, the Shack is the most original. Thanks to the dedication of Paul Nelson, Perry Duncan, Steve Gorman, Randy Skalos, and the rest of the staff members at Waldameer Park, the Shack’s legacy will surely live on and provide the opportunity for future generations of visitors to enjoy this one-of-a-kind Tracy original.

Waldameer patrons can enjoy two Tracy classics in one dose.

Due to the Shack’s immediate success, Paul Nelson commissioned Bill Tracy to return to Waldameer Park in 1972 to construct Pirate's Cove, a nautical-themed, walk-thru funhouse. The locations of the two Tracy-built attractions are unique as they are literally side-by-side and can both be seen while standing in one position in the park. For more information on Pirate's Cove at Waldameer Park, visit The Bill Tracy Project.

Special Thanks and Appreciation to:
Paul Nelson
Steve Gorman
Perry Duncan
Randy Skalos
Rick Davis and DAFE
Bill Tracy, duh.
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