Written and Designed by Brandon Seidl

August 2016

HH Fans,

The last four years have proven to be very transformational for Trimper's Haunted House, one of the world's last remaining Bill Tracy dark rides which turned 50-years-old in 2014. The ride's Facelift of 2012 introduced many new effects and scenery updates to riders, and in steady stride the ride has been featuring new thrills every year since, making the ghoulish family of Gloom House larger than ever. It's certainly been hard to keep track of the ride's progress lately, but I've done my best to pull news together from the past few years and provide a "state-of-the-ride" for all fans to explore.

Enjoy sifting through a number of substantial updates and overhauls the ride has seen through the past few years, and as with any ongoing labor of love, stay tuned for future updates as well. The Trimper family is excited to share their special piece of history with past and future generations of riders, and work hard at keeping the ride up-to-date with newer effects while maintaining the antique stunts of yesteryear.

As always, feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I enjoy hearing from folks who continue to cherish the attraction as much as I do.

Brandon Seidl

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