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Trimper's Haunted House is almost a half-century old and has undergone some significant transformations since its inception in 1964. Many original Bill Tracy stunts have been retired from the ride due to age, vandalism, maintenance requirements, and overall quality. The need to continually impress the general public with new effects has made the removal of some classic inevitable. The following are the major effects that have been retired from the ride. They will surely live on in our memories!


Wine Cellar

Retired: 1998

Body in the Cellar

Retired: 1998


Retired: 2003

NOTE: Remnants of this stunt still exist behind one of the
Trimper warehouses in downtown Ocean City.


Retired: 2006

Mad Scientist

Retired: 2006

NOTE: The counter used in this scene still exists and is being used at the Birthday Party stunt.


Retired: 2006

Seasick Pirate

Retired: 2006

Mammoth Spider Web

Retired: 2011

Witch & Cauldron

Retired: 2012

NOTE: The mechanism for this stunt has been repurposed on the second story near the "Dancing Coffin" effect.

Mine Shaft

Retired: 2012

NOTE: The Mine Shaft scenery has been eliminated, but the "Falling Beam" and doorway at the end of the corridor still exists.

Borecon Trolls

Retired: 2012

Giant Skull

Retired: 2012


Below are stunts that I feel are endangered, meaning they are on the cusp of being retired permanently. Many of these stunts still reside in some form in the attraction, but have been moved from their original location, neglected, and or forgotten.

Birthday Party


NOTE: The figure was removed from the box in the early 2000s but still exists near the Electric Chair.

RIP Gravestone

NOTE: The grave on the right is the one in question. It was moved to another location in 2012.


NOTE: Currently resides in the room with the Falling Barrels.

Shivering Mummy

NOTE: Currently resides on the right after the Upsidedown Room.

Corpse & Coffin

Alient Bust

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