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Although not owned by the Trimper family, the Pier in Ocean City, Maryland has proven to be a popular amusement destination for millions of beach-goers over the past century. A special thanks goes out to Karl Schwarz for contributing some wonderful vintage images of this famous seaside landmark. Pier publications and advertisements may be found in the articles area. Enjoy!

Pier Building



1915 - Looking north from the Windsor Resort.

1935 - The Pier building was used as a Convention Center during this time. The Shuffle Board courts can be seen directly across where the Atlantic Stand sits today.

1936 - Interior shot of the Pier Building as a Ballroom.

1960s - Exterior shot of the Pier Building with a "Pier Ballroom" sign affixed to the facade.

Pier Structure

1906 - Pier construction.

1911 - Folks enjoying an evening on the beach near the Pier.

Pier Devestation

1914 - Roof collapses on the Pier Building due to ice flows.

Christmas Eve 1925 - The devestating fire that destroyed the original Pier and building. The new building that we see today was built the following year in 1926.

Pier Amusements

1960 - The first sign of amusements on the Pier.

1964 - A miniature golf course on the Pier.

1975 - The Pier becomes a popular amusement destination.

Roc'N Rapids amusement ride on the Pier.

Pier Entrance

1960s - An average busy day near the entrance of the Pier with Thrasher's Fries seen on the corner.

1970s - A busy Pier entrance with the popular Kohr Bros frozen custard stand seen on the right.

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