When Trimper’s Haunted House was expanded in 1988 to add a second story, the new space was inhabited with stunts from Ghost Ship, a defunct Bill Tracy dark ride located at Ocean Playland at 65th street in Ocean City, Maryland. The addition of the nautical-themed Tracy stunts made for quite an exciting ride experience and as a result made Trimper’s Haunted House arguably the largest Tracy ride in existence with a five minute ride time and nearly 30 original Tracy effects.

Included as one of the new stunts installed from Ocean Playland was “Head Slinger,” or more formally known as “Attic Stairs,” a Tracy classic that consisted of a disoriented man stumbling down some crooked steps while his head flings off and flies through the air on an overhead cable. The stunt had a strong presence in the ride as it sat in a large second-story corner, and was one of the largest effects in the ride standing 12’ high, 6’ wide, and 12’ deep.
The stunt scared riders for about 15 years in Trimper’s Haunted House before being removed around 2003 and replaced with a modern air-operated prop. The Head Slinger became a maintenance headache as riders would stand up in the car and reach for the head, damaging the mechanism that made it work. When Head Slinger was removed, it was placed behind a storage facility on Trimper property out in the elements and that is where it remains today deteriorating in the ocean air.

It is our goal to convince the Trimpers to restore this one-of-a-kind stunt and place it back in the ride. It is one of only two left in the world. A little time, love, and care would get this icon back in working order for generations to enjoy. Although a change in the mechanism would be inevitable to insure its longevity, it is certainly achievable!
Visit our forum or Facebook page and share your memories or stories about this funny fright and how you would love to see it back in operation in Trimper’s Haunted House!

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