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N.J. ride designer's pioneering attractions still thrilling fans with fright, fun - Published in the New Jersey Star Ledger during summer 2014 which featured lots of photos from Trimper's Haunted House and some information about Bill Tracy, the ride's designer.

Trimper's Haunted House Turns 50 - Great article published in Ocean City Today on June 20, 2014 about the ride's 50th anniversary.

With recent additions, Ocean City's Haunted House boardwalk ride is scarier than ever - Great article published in The Baltimore Sun on October 14, 2012 about Trimper's Haunted House and its builder, Bill Tracy.

Putting a Price on the Priceless - An analysis of what "value" means in a ride like Trimper's Haunted House.

Detailing a Masterpiece - Trimper's Haunted House Online featured in Hauntoffthepress.com, an online magazine dedicated to all things haunt-related.

Haunted House on the Boardwalk - A great feature on Museum of the Macabre featuring Trimper's Haunted House, written in summer 2010!

Forced Perspective - Tracy's use of forced perception, although inexpensive to execute, works well in Trimper's Haunted House!

Dedication to Quality Control - The Trimper's pride themselves in being able to offer a full crew inside the ride during the summer to assure it's well being. I think its safe to say that the management in the HH can get an A+!

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