All of the track and cars were removed from Ghost Ship and taken to Trimper’s warehouse in West Ocean City to be stored. Three of Ghost Ship’s Hush-Puppy cars were converted into the Coffin Carriages for the Haunted House expansion in 1988. Cars 9, 10, and 11 of Trimper's Haunted House were built out of the original steel frames from Ghost Ship, although they needed to be extended to fit the longer coffin body.
The Hush-Puppy cars that were not used are still stored at Trimper’s warehouse to this day.
The “Hush-Puppy” car generally had a fiberglass body, tubular steel chassis, versatile wheel assembly, and operated on a 24V iron track that was transformed within the car to 110V. It is assumed that the term “Hush-Puppy” referred to the quiet operation of this ride system. The “Hush-Puppy” was the most versatile dark ride system to date and was able to negotiate tight turns, rollercoaster-like dips, wave rooms, tilted rooms, and steep grades.

To learn more about the technical workings of the Ghost Ship ride system, you can visit the cars or track section of Trimper’s Haunted House Online. The ride systems for both attractions work the exact same way!

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