One of the more unusual and ambiguous stunts in Ghost Ship was the headless Pirate who was apparently caught in the chain of the ship’s anchor. This character, which was comprised of mostly a torso with arms and a head, was eventually reassembled and used as an additional pirate figure in the Birthday Party stunt in Trimper's Haunted House, also originally from Ghost Ship. The back drop used in this stunt can be seen today on the second story of Trimper’s Haunted House where the Crab originally resided, currently occupied by BOLT.

Below: Photos of the Pirate stunt in Ghost Ship as it looked in 1981.
The rat prop that can be seen in this photo was incorporated into the Mad Scientist stunt when it was moved to Trimper’s Haunted House. Today, the Rat is part of the Brandon Seidl collection. Also from Ghost Ship was Bill Tracy’s demented Birthday Party stunt. Although no pictures exist of the stunt in Ghost Ship, it still remains in Trimper’s Haunted House as one of Tracy’s finest works. You can see in the photos below that the original Ghost Ship character’s torso on the left is in fact the same left-most character that was at one point a part of the Birthday Party.
Three of Tracy’s Bats can be seen attached to a rotating motor with rods in Ghost Ship. The Bats were eventually taken to Trimper’s Haunted House and displayed near the Electric Chair on the second story.
Much of the original scenery from Ghost Ship was scattered around in the Haunted House addition. The fish nets and seaweed cutouts can still be seen in several second-story rooms in Trimper’s Haunted House.

Above: Scenery in Ghost Ship as it looked in 1981 before being removed.
Below: Two second-story rooms in Trimper's Haunted House where the scenery was reintalled.
Bill Tracy’s seaweed décor hanging on the façade was removed from Ghost Ship and used to decorate several areas of Trimper’s Haunted House, particularly around the Shark mural (above).
Tracy’s Cuckoo Clock stunt was also from Ghost Ship. It still remains in Trimper’s Haunted House near the ride’s exit.

It is important to note that all of Ghost Ship’s contents were stored in Trimper’s warehouse from when Ocean Playland closed in 1981 until the Haunted House expansion in 1988.

Left: Tracy's Cuckoo Clock stunt in Trimper's Haunted House during the summer of 2010.
Below: A member of the Trimper's Haunted House Online Forum was able to relive a childhood memory of Ghost Ship after seeing an image of the shark in the recent Ghost Ship update. He knew it looked familiar, as if he’d seen it in a family photo. Sure enough, his photo from the 1970's was able to solve the mystery of Bill Tracy’s shark mural. A special thanks to Britton M. from Altoona, PA for sharing his childhood photo and for helping us solve this mystery.

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