Out of all my years of researching dark rides, Trimperís Rides, and Ocean City, Maryland, I have never had a greater urge than to solve the mystery of Ocean Playlandís Ghost Ship dark ride. It is a defunct attraction that has a very limited amount of memorabilia or public information in the form of photos or videos.

My passion for Trimperís Haunted House has fueled my interest in Ghost Ship because of Granvilleís achievement of incorporating its contents, built by Bill Tracy, into the Haunted House in the late 1980s. The last decade of rigorous searches of information relating to Ocean Playlandís Ghost Ship has left me at many dead endsÖ until now. Thanks to a small pile of photos found in a tiny cubby hole in the late Granville Trimperís desk, many Ghost Ship mysteries will be solved.

The following presentation includes original photographs taken by Granville Trimper in 1981 while disassembling Ghost Ship at Ocean Playland in preparation to move the contents to their new home at the Haunted House. Granville Trimperís tools, trailer, and truck are visible as the photos were taken just prior to the move. After so many years of trying to solve one of my personal biggest mysteries, as well as rekindle thousands of fansí great summer memories, the discovery of a few small photographs has proven to be a treasure which words cannot describe.

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