Royal Plus machines ran for 10 days, removing the dampness. The home-made Playland sign was eventually condemned.
It wasn't long before half of the ceiling over the Skeeball aisle was reinstalled and a temporary wall was constructed. The original 1930s hardwood floors in the Skeeball aisle were lost.
A curtain was raised to protect the arcade from additional moisture and dust until the temporary wall could be built.
Removal of the burnt apartments. Notice the temporary beam holding up the second floor until it can be safely removed.
Nearly 35 years after their original purchase, the “classic” Skeeballs arrive back at Playland fully dried. Only two were lost to the fire. Machines were put back in place with location measurements to the inch while the arcade was open. Replacement machines: Bug Bashes, and Bustin’ Balloons in place, and in mid-July, the new bowlers arrived from China.

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