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Enjoy browsing through all original correspondence between Granville Trimper and the companies he commissioned during the lifespan of the Haunted House, which was originally built in 1964. The more significant correspondence were from the late Bill Tracy, president of Outdoor Dimensional Display Co., Inc. Other correspondence are from Francis Messmore of Messmore & Damon Inc. from the early 1970’s, a time period when Granville Trimper purchased additional non-Tracy stunts for the Haunted House like ‘Springing Frankenstein’.

During the time that Granville Trimper commissioned Tracy to build The Haunted House, his mother, Pearl Trimper, was his office secretary and handled a lot of paperwork and correspondence for him while he was out building up the park. As a result, some of the correspondence are addressed to a Mrs. Pearl Trimper of Trimper’s Toyland, Inc.

All correspondence were written and signed in original ink by either Bill Tracy or his office secretary.

Outdoor Dimensional Display Co., Inc.

January 1964 - March 1964

Messmore & Damon Inc.

December 1970 - February 1971

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