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Immediately after being frightened by the Reaching Zombie and Vampiress stunts, you crash through two sets of double doors and exit to the second-floor balcony. As you enjoy a breath of fresh air, you will also have the opportunity to analyze Bill Tracy’s façade, original to his 1964 design. The grandeur of the gable and coinciding slats will make any visitor stare with intrigue, and the spooky colors and obtuse designs only add to the ancestral look of the exterior.

The exit door onto the balcony

Customers will have the pleasure of getting up close and personal with Tracy’s façade bat, which hangs on the gable ready to strike even the toughest victim. Thanks to the Haunted House crew’s commitment to annual maintenance on the Bat, it has maintained its original spooky appearance for nearly five decades and continues to gaze at boardwalk visitors as they pass by the ride. Needless to say, the balcony is one of the most anticipated aspects of the ride as customers have the opportunity to wave to their loved ones while trekking across at a snail’s pace.

Bill Tracy's famous bat as seen while riding by

Bill Tracy's famous bat as seen while riding by

After your 15-second intermission, your vessel will bare right and head back through two sets of double doors until you become face-to-face with the Shaking Mummy.

The entrance door back into the ride from the balcony

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