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Salem Aleikum Ė Aladinís Lamp has been a permanent fixture inside Trimperís Rides and Amusements for nearly 30 years. Installed around 1975, this funhouse offers a variety of floor obstacles, a maze, and illusions that will make you proceed with caution. In addition, a spinning barrel is located near the rideís ending. Although this attraction has no 3-D stunts like the Haunted House or Pirateís Cove, it still has a plethora of fun images and designs painted on the interior walls. No trip to Trimperís would be complete without a trip through this fun classic, which takes about two minutes to complete at an average pace.

Image taken in 1976. Aladins Lamp can be seen peaking out of
the left side of the photo.

Image taken in the early 1980s.

Image taken around 1985. The facade was just freshly painted at this time.

Image taken around 1996.


Photos taken in 2008


Photos taken in 2008


Photos by Bernie Walls - Taken winter 2009


(trleft)- Inside the Aladin's Lamp - a great tour of inside the attraction.

(MBrilhart)- Aladin's Lamp POV - another great point-of-view tour of inside the attraction.

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